Wim Nijman



Wim Nijman

  • Coach Dutch language for foreigners
  • Proofreading of documents and correspondence

Regular course

Certified and experienced teacher for private lessons in the Dutch language for expats and immigrants. You do not speak Dutch and you would like to learn it? You learned Dutch before, but you want to improve it? You and I, together, will look for the course that suits you best.

Experienced teacher of the Dutch language, providing foreigners, living in the Netherlands (temporarily or permanent), with lessons, private or in groups.

You can choose from a variety of levels and themes:

  • Assimilation
  • NT(Nederlandse Taal)-2 state exam, programs 1 and 2
  • Exam training
  • Dutch to prepare yourself for university or HBO (Hogere Beroeps Opleiding)
  • Fluency
  • Dutch correspondence
  • Improvement of the communication between you and your school-going children
  • Dutch on the workfloor: for blue and white collars; managemental, middle and high management
  • Dutch courses or guidance for you as an entrepreneur, with regard to e.g. finances, taxes, legal aspects and administration

Private lessons are combined with planned learning activities, on which we decide together, e.g. a visit to the library or the housing corporation. I welcome everybody for a course made to measure. No matter what your language level is. I am glad to be of service to you.

Intensive course

You are in a hurry? More lessons per week or daily lessons? Within a fortnight you will be able to communicate in Dutch, not just by your morning-lessons, but also because of different activities in the afternoon or the evening. An ideal combination of theory and practice!  Before you start, we will together determine:

  • your knowledge level regarding the Dutch language and Dutch society
  • the final level you wish to achieve
  • your learning speed
  • the learning methods
  • the learning materials

That is how we will create your personal learning plan. You will learn exactly that what you want to learn.

“Mijn scriptie over “Sociale media: een (nieuwe) voedingsbodem voor conflicten op het werk” is door Wim op taalfouten nagekeken. Ik ben hem zeer dankbaar voor zijn bijdrage.”

- Kartal

May I introduce myself to you?

Wim Nijman

Wim Nijman

I was born in 1949. I have worked in the finance field, occupying different commercial and executive functions. Next to that I was a professor at the education centre of a large bank. Since 2006 I have been working as a teacher of Dutch language and NT(Nederlandse Taal) -2 I have done assignments for Lidl, Harsco, Taal op maat, IVIO en PCI.

A selection from my studies

  • Dutch law
  • Social psychology and philosophy
  • PD training teacher NT-2 at the Centre for Refresher Courses at the University of Amsterdam (UvA)
  • Communication Management
  • Teaching and training abilities

My mission

Knowledge is power
Most knowledge has to be learned and maintained. One never stops learning. By learning the spirit remains young, alert and flexible. By learning one feels alive. Your brain needs to be fed, trained and challenged.

Knowledge must be discovered.
Knowledge is not something you receive, but discover. Knowledge discovered by you personally, is knowledge that you will not lose. With me you will not slump in your chair. With me you will interact in animated courses. You are going to play ping-pong with words, challenge your teacher in a positive way, rack your brains, fall and get up again, until you have proudly reached the finish line.

There is no satisfying contact when you cannot speak/write the same language.
Being foreign in the Netherlands, you are in search of happiness, wellfare and prosperity. To find them, you need to be in contact with your surroundings and to communicate. Good communication without a shared language, Dutch in this case, is not possible. The more you master the Dutch language, the richer your communication and your contact with everyone you meet, will become. I want to help you to learn the Dutch language and learn about the culture of the Dutch people. By learning the language, you will gain knowledge of the Netherlands. And you will begin to understand the ways and customs of the Dutch people. You will gain insight into what makes people tick and what they mean. Mutual respect is essential in this. Respect of cultural differences, differences that fortunately have the right to exist in Dutch society.

To share knowledge = to multiply knowledge
I would like to share the experiences of my life and my work with you, my knowledge of the Netherlands and the Dutch people. The courses I will present to you, will be filled with current events, anecdotes and indispensable facts. That is what makes my courses unique.

“Zeer tevreden! Mijn opdrachten werden zelfs een dag van tevoren nagekeken en waren op tijd af. Ik kreeg een 7 en een 7,5. Erg bedankt!”

- Setareh


Shall we get acquainted?

You can call me on 06 40 30 20 36 or send me a message: wimnijman@casema.nl to find out how much fun it is to learn Dutch! The admission interview is free of charge. Ask for the low fees, made possible by:

  • low office budget
  • no overhead
  • love for teaching!

Your personal situation will be taken into account. Lesson hours can be arranged, according to your wishes, in the morning, afternoon or evening. I can be of help to you in arranging child care. How do you want to learn? At your company’s location, at your home or via the internet? As you prefer.

Contact form

“Wim Nijman geeft een geweldige les want ik heb niet het gevoel dat ik op school zit. Naast grammatica en woorden leren, lezen wij de krant, ik moet veel praten en presentaties houden maar er is steeds ook veel tijd om te lachen. Een echte aanrader!”

- Achim